It’s pretty common to open a South Carolina car insurance bill and wish you could make your policy more affordable. You may be able to, by simply choosing a carrier that gives you the kind of discounts you might qualify for. The smart consumer learns a little about the options that might be available, and we’re here to help you do just that.

Each of these discounts might be small alone, but as you add discounts from, the savings also add up.  As you look at our comparisons, find the carriers that offer discounts you want and that you are a fit for, and check out the impact on your rate

Combine car insurance with others to save

Bundling all your different coverage can qualify you for a multiple policy discount. That would mean combining auto coverage with renters’ coverage and perhaps even life. If you already have this coverage, combining under one carrier may make good sense.

There are discounts for retirees, discounts for good students under the age of 25 and discounts for having a young driver going to school at least 100 miles from where you keep your car. Why not take advantage of them?

Some companies will give you a small discount for setting up an automatic payment account. Adding to that discount is one for paying on time and you may be able to add on by paying in full one time a year. That way, they are assured of getting your payment when it is due. Others will cut your rate if you go paperless.  It may be hard to believe, but some customers did not receive a cancellation notice that year.

New cars mean lower car insurance premiums

New car owners will love the idea of a discount for being the very first owner of a new car. And those who drive hybrids or other green cars could mean savings, too, depending on the carrier.

By all means get a car with passive restraints, anti-lock brakes and anti-break-in features, because you may save big on your premium.

Defensive driving courses are always a good idea because many insurers will reward you for taking one. That becomes even more important when you are an older driver or if you have a teen on your policy.

The main point is that you can find discounts for many different lifestyle and vehicle choices and it’s up to you—with our help—to find them. Start looking now!