New York Car Insurance DealsEveryone’s looking for a deal and the same is true when consumers seek out New York car insurance. That’s because no one wants to pay more than they have to for coverage, whether the coverage is required or optional.

Multi-vehicle car insurance

Most families do have more than one car and covering them with the same carrier is going to save money. You can save even more if you bundle other coverage with it, like home or life. Companies like want your business and that savings is an incentive to get it.

Anyone who takes a defensive driving course will be able to find a carrier who will discount your premium for it. Taking a course that reminds you of safe driving techniques makes you a safer driver and one far less likely to get in an accident and file a claim.

Applicants’ individual histories are looked at and then they are categorized in groups by risk. How many accidents have you had? How many moving violations? Have you filed claims before and how many? What is your credit history?  Your goal should be to appear only in the best risk category so that your rate is lower. Sweet-talking an agent won’t help you because this process is automated.

If you are a parent of a teen driver or one under 25 years of age, you are probably grousing about the cost to cover them. Why not ask them to share the financial responsibility? If they are a good student, they may qualify for discounts. If they take an approved driving course, they may also get a discount.

Makes, models and car insurance

Insurance accident statistics show how often your make and model is in an accident and claim information will say how many claims were filed and how much paid out. By all means, do your best to buy a car that is a lower claim risk.

The same is true about theft. If you drive a Honda Accord or Civic you need to know that the theft rate for these is high. You will want to have an anti-theft device installed so the risk of loss is reduced.

If you can stomach a higher deductible, your reward will be lower rates. That’s only a wise course of action if you can afford the higher deductible.

These are some of the most important variables to keep in mind when you are comparing carriers.