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Who has the Top Rated Homeowners Insurance in Florida?

The top rated homeowners insurance companies in Florida are Tower Hill Insurance Group, Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, Federated National Insurance Company, Universal Insurance Holdings, Inc. and State Farm. The ratings change in due course of time. Every insurance company reviews its policies and some become more expensive, coverage in some cases is reduced and there are other clauses that make those propositions less or more unfavorable. Likewise, insurers also come up with better policies and that has a direct impact on their ratings. Claims and the steadfastness with which insurers respond is also crucial and it must influence your decision. Let us explore why these are the top rated homeowners insurance companies in Florida according to https://floridainsurancequotes.net/florida-homeowners-insurance/ right now.

Florida homeowners insurance

•Tower Hill Insurance Group has various policies with extensive coverage. You can get standard coverage and you may choose specific coverage for valuables, identity theft, sewer and water among others. You may go for a specific flood insurance coverage. The company does specialize in such types of policies. The insurer is the second largest in the state and that is obviously for more than one reason. You can get generous coverage for similar annual costs of insurance policies from Tower Hill compared to many other insurers operating in Florida. 

•State Farm is a national insurer. It is not the only one operating in the state but it is by far the most reliable insurer. It has an amazing rating from residents all across the state of Florida. The insurer has a comprehensive range of coverage. You may choose the umbrella liability coverage or personal property coverage. State Farm also has identity theft coverage. You may also qualify for a handsome discount if you have home and auto insurance with State Farm. Similar policies of State Farm and Tower Hill have some differences in annual costs. Tower Hill may be marginally cheaper than State Farm in many cases. 

•Citizens Property Insurance Corporation does not have all kinds of policies but it is a state powered insurer and its programs are available to all. The insurer does offer discounts if you choose to install burglar alarms, fire alarms and other safety systems, perhaps to mitigate damage caused by strong winds during a storm. Such discounts can bring down the cost of your insurance substantially. 

Universal Insurance Holdings is the largest insurer in the state. It is also a little more difficult to deal with. The standard coverage is easy to understand but its additional coverage can complicate matters. FedNat Insurance Company is not the most transparent of insurers in the state but it does have a wide array of policies